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Joshua Peach 

Operations Management Evangelist at Dude Solutions, Inc.

With over a 20 years of experience in the operations management arena and an accomplished speaking resume from industry events around the world, Joshua Peach has set himself apart as a thought leader for best practices in operations management. As a subject matter evangelist for Dude Solutions, Josh brings a broad understanding of management issues that spans across industries, organization sizes and focus areas. To date, he has spoken on a host of timely topics, from common maintenance challenges to keynotes on teamwork, leadership and customer service. He is currently one of only two recipients of the ASBO International Corporate Leader Award and the only vendor representative to have received the ISTE Making IT Happen Award and recipient of the MASBO Friend of MASBO Award, NSPMA Donna Peoples Corporate Leadership Award, SCSPMA Vicar Award and the NHASBO Al Blastos Distinguished Service Award
When he’s not sharing knowledge on the road, he lives outside of Boston and is both a supporter of and participant in the South Shore Great Pumpkin Challenge.  Josh is also actively involved with many of the industry’s most important organizations, including: 

•    ASBO International/State/Regionals ISTE
•    NSPMA
•    State and Regional Affiliates
•    Midwest FMC (Committee)
•    NSPMA National School Plant Managers Association (Board)
•    Ohio ASBO FMC
•    Northern New England FMC


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