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Tiffany Raill
Anglophone School District - IT Shared Services
IT Operations Supervisor

Tiffany is an extraordinary individual who embodies the epitome of a modern-day multitasking superhero. Her roles as a loving mother to four wonderful children and an admired Technology Operations Supervisor seamlessly blend, showcasing her ability to excel in multiple domains.


With a double major in computer science, she possesses the knowledge and skills to conquer any technological challenge that comes her way. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, as she constantly seeks to expand her expertise and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. This innate curiosity fuels her creativity and problem-solving abilities, enabling her to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.


Tiffany's unwavering dedication, goal-oriented mindset, and infectious motivation make her an exceptional force to be reckoned with in both her personal and professional endeavors as she sets ambitious targets for herself and diligently works towards them, never settling for mediocrity.


Her determination and perseverance serve as an inspiration to those around her, encouraging others to push their limits and reach for greatness.

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