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Michael White
Anglophone School District - IT Shared Services
Senior Technician
President PSAC/SBEU 60702
My wife, three children and I live in a gorgeous area known as Bristol Junction.  Where wildlife is your friend and frequently visits our yard on a reglar basis.  I have worked in IT for various entities over the last 20 years, begining with Brunswick Micro, General Electric and various amalgamations of District 30, 13, 14 and ASD-W.  Now belonging to IT Shared Service for the province working with our schools.

Being new to NBASBO is a exciting, learning and growing experience.  It is a wonderful oppurtunity to see outside your silo into the challanges or victories others accomplish each and every day.  We are truly the people behind the curtain, "the glue", that takes a very complex system and makes it workable for our educators and students.  I am looking forward to another year in the executive and to see what comes our way.
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