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Kevin Wood

Owner of CrossFit Moncton, Resilient Humans Podcast
Fitness | Nutrition | Mindset Coach | Word Ninja


Meet Kevin Wood, owner of CrossFit Moncton, and Word Ninja of the Human Resiliency Podcast dedicated to empowering his listeners to get more out of life by becoming resilient at home, work and in their communities. Kevin brings a unique perspective to his discussions on goal-setting, on how SMART Goals set us up for failure, and finding the perfect balance of resiliency. His podcast, aptly titled "Human Resiliency," has become a go-to resource for those seeking practical advice and inspiration to fill their lives with non-negotiable healthy habits.


  Each episode is a blend of insightful interviews with experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition, and fitness, along with Kevin's own anecdotes and strategies for achieving personal goals using a Goal Crushing Pyramid and bringing optimistic questions to the table like "what are you already doing well" when you are looking for improvements. By delving into topics such as mindful eating, effective goal-setting techniques, and the importance of balanced resilience, Kevin fosters a resilient community that encourages listeners to take positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle and to imagine building a world where escapism is hard.

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